The Book


Winning is beginning! Don’t let other people change your drive to be a winner just because you choose to do things differently. Let no one steal your dream from you! Learn to stick with it and keep at it, despite terrible mistakes, sickness, awful trials, discouragement from others, and many other obstacles that threaten to paralyze you with nightmarish fears!

Everything is for sale except time, so use the time that is given to you to really, truly live your dream. Remember that you deserve to be happy and to live the life that excites you. Do it now and do it with passion!


Mental Coach Frank Soonius wants to show you that while chasing your dream you will make mistakes in your life but that doesn’t mean you have failed, but just a way of learning. You do it your own way, even by making mistakes. The chance that you get more insecure with every mistake you make is huge. Frank will show you how to overcome these insecure feelings which lock you out of your dream. His coaching career started when he was just 20 years and he noticed that he was different and that made him a winning coach! As a professional coach he learned to look at the person and his unique possibilities to become a top performer. He coached children and adults how to be better persons instead of being better sportsmen, just because they would become this when they believed in themselves. By taking away the barriers of insecurity, fear, performance anxiety and doing things in your own way Frank learned them to achieve their dreams.

Let this book prove to you that no one has the right to steal away your dream from you. But when you are trapped in your dream, what can you do about it? Jump in on a fantastic journey to find out why you have the right to live your dream. It will show you how to get back from your Shadowland; to get to your drive; to get back to your dream. It will prove to you that leaving Shadowland will prove you deserve and you are worthy to live your dream. Let this book guide you to have a look at your life and find a road to your happiness. Frank did it the hard way, and made it, but his experience can make it easier on you. Maybe you recognize this, being trapped. Are you happy with your life right now? Or are you stuck because life caught you up and your dream is just a dream? How did you get there? Do you still want to live your dream or are you just resigning from life? Or will you start fighting back to achieve your happiness, because you deserve to be happy and live your dream! Let this book be your guide to happiness and find out it’s never too late to fight back and change. A long time ago, something died in me. Now I have a second change, there is life beyond living in Shadowland. Now I m focussed on living my dream and there are no limits. I don’t want to save the best for last, but I will live now and I will do it with purpose and PASSION.